• This post may not be sweet, please swallow it like that..
  • I am not speaking like a senior here, this post also applies to me.
  • Actually I might be speaking more to myself, so kindly moderators leave this post around, it will help me.

Avoid those craps that you can sleep poor and wake up a multi-million-dollar rich!!
Yes, a long time ago, i liked this thing. I could spend hours and days reading and dreaming to be a zillionare one day just doing nothing – I hope you got what i mean. I then could spend most of my time setting up my dream future as a zillionare instead of working on the present and current situation. Here, I used things like (the biggest and oldest scam ever on the internet that still thrives – will make a blog post about it) PTC, GPT and the rest. I could waste myself, you understand.

But what am I saying? That, do not start dreaming of overnight success, nothing like that – NEVER! Rome was never built in a day! If you are determined to succeed then do the following.

1. Start knowing you are doing NOTHING.
You will have to wait, yes, waiiit. Your website must be online all time and be patient for it to fetch something, but keep updating it and notifying the search engines (not only Google) that your site exists. But again while doing this DO NOT expect signups at all yet (lest you be disappointed). Even GoDaddy did not receive their first client the day they launched! It can take up to years! Why? Very simple: You are not trusted yet; your domain is only a week old!

2. Ensure you can survive and survive your “business” (that is currently stagnant) until you get clients
Purchased the server, domain name and SSL. Seated waiting for money to flow in because you have the unbeatable offers and a sleek website, right? Maybe RITE but that is WRONG! Get something else to work on that can fund your rent, stomach and the business if you do not have enough investment yet. Go for a day’s wage’s contract, find yourself a job etc. Pay everything required that you may keep your “Brand” alive.

3. Make your website known.
This is where we (or rather I) have the problem! How is it that some websites receive millions, hundred thousands or thousands unique visitors per day? Mine ZERO visitors. Looking at my analytics only my IP is visiting my website. Is this website really known to exist? You can notify search engines that you are there, do some nice SEO, and market it both online and offline. BUT: Do NOT advertise your website at PTC websites; that is why I mentioned it earlier. People at PTC are not interested in your Brand but to click, leave the ad to run while he plays the porker for him to be credited $0.001(BTW can you work for $0.001 per 30 seconds? Don’t you have something better, why not go play hockey, really?)  You advertise your website there set a budget of $4 per day, receive about 2-3k visitors but no conversion, and all reach on homepage and go away. And Google will penalize you, and mind you most of those visitors are bots!

4. So what can I do to get targeted traffic?
You do not only need traffic but targeted traffic that have potential to convert. Try Google AdWords, Facebook Ads and Bing Ads. You can also use other methods, but my point was, patience will pay off. Do not give up because you have not sold for a year! But keep watching where your visitors come from, the pages they navigate on your website, how long they stay and which direction they go when they leave. You will know what you need to do.

As for me, I hope this will help me as I begin. I will always come back here to revise and see what next. You can add your own experiences,  I know people like Hans have thrived. How did you do it?