Comparing free and paid web hosting and finding out which is better ?

The presence of a website is essential to any kind of business. For one to establish a web presence, and for it to go and stay online you will need to have a reliable web hosting service. Sometimes you may fall between paid and free web hosting services to see which is more reliable.

Free Web Hosting VS Paid Web Hosting

For your information paid web hosting does not necessarily mean they provide a better service than free web hosting.

free website hosting vs paid hosting

Many are times free web hosting as well as the paid one tend to offer the same kind of security, port speed, and network bandwidth.

Free web hosting, however,

goes an extra mile to include additional features such as data transfer, more scripting support, additional disk storage, and others like many emails

For an enterprise which is just being opened a brand new website or any other kind of site, the data transfer and disk storage is available freely on free web service and is sufficient for the enterprise.

This hence shows that free web hosting with serving you quite well, and you will not have to spend anything on it making it better than paid web hosting.

Free Website Hosting is better for small business

For a fact, you should know that small businesses normally don’t require like five accounts of email. Having many of them is challenging as it requires more time to be spent on controlling and seeing through all of them.

In the case of Free web, they release you the burden of spending more time on managing them by offering email aliases, which enable you to create more illusions of having several emails managed as one single account. This means that free is way better than the paid one.

Free Website Hosting Features

You should know that the Free web will always provide HTML and image files storage. This shows you do not require to pay for this service at all. This shows that all you need is a free web hosting service to especially if you are planning on saving money.

Go for free web hosting sign up for the free cpanel hosting, and you will be good to go.